Researcher Profiles

This page provides a brief introduction to some of our research active staff and their areas of interest. Please see our publications page for research outputs.

Tim Gander
RoleEducation Director
Qualifications: Master of Education
PhD Candidate (USQ)
Background / Experience: Secondary education
digital and collaborative learning
Research Interests:
Initial Teacher Education
Critical Pedagogy
Social Justice

Dr Craig Hilton
RoleNational Academic Director
Qualifications PhD
Background / ExperienceScience
biomedical research
Research InterestsArt practice to facilitate public conversation about biotechnology and science

Dr David Parsons
RoleNational Postgraduate Director
Qualifications: PhD Information Technology
Background / Experience:Software development
higher education
technology enhanced learning
Research Interests:
Agile and lean methods
digital curricula
mobile learning

Dr Truman Pham
RolePostgraduate Director
Qualifications: PhD
Background / Experience: Engineering
electrical engineering
power generation
Research Interests:Artificial Intelligence in Education
Technology Education,
Online Learning and Assessments
Blended Learning.

Dr Hayley Sparks
RoleNational Academic Manager
QualificationsPhD, Geography
Background / ExperienceDigital technology in education
practice based research
how systems of privilege operate to shape the lived realities of children.
Research InterestsIntersection of geography and education
understanding relationships between people and place.

Dr Herbert Thomas
RoleProgramme Lead
Qualifications PhD
Background / ExperienceTechnology-integrated education;
leadership and management of
technology-integrated education in secondary and tertiary institutions.
Research InterestsComplexity in education
critical pedagogy
educational leadership in complex environments
value-sensitive design in education.